Workflow Optimization

Workflow Optimization

Assess, Manage, Optimize

At RCM Data, we know that the work doesn’t stop when you print or scan your documents. A business can prosper or go under, depending on how fast it can store, retrieve and route information.

RCM Data can help you streamline your processes. With Workflow Optimization, you can process information faster than ever. You’ll operate smarter and more profitably.

Details of Workflow Optimization

RCM starts by conducting a Print Assessment on your workplace. As unobtrusively as possible, we examine how documents and information circulates through your office.

After we get a solid understanding of your current processes, we can draw upon our suite of document management solutions to make those processes more efficient. Examples of workflows we could help you set up include:

  • Conditions for routing specific document types
  • Triggers for sending out notifications via email
  • Schedules for retaining and destroying documents
  • Processes for reviewing and escalating documents

Managed Print and RCM Supplies

RCM Data has additional services to help boost your productivity. While Managed Print can allow you to reduce your printing costs and waste, RCM Supplies can ensure that you’ll have enough toner and other supplies when you need them. Click the links to learn more.

For more information on our Workflow Optimization solutions, contact us.