Improve Printer Security with Managed Services

Submitted by Melissa Michels on Wed, 11/17/2021 - 18:40
woman discussing next gen managed print over phone

Printer security is one of those things you shouldn't do alone. That's not because you lack the skills or know-how--it's simply a reflection of the fact that the closer you are to your print environment, the more likely you'll be to overlook security issues. An outside perspective can be invaluable--and that's where our next gen managed solutions come in.

Next Gen Managed Print & Printer Security

Our next gen managed solutions wouldn't be much good if they didn't prioritize security and integration. Printer security is a key part of any print environment and, indeed, any company--which is why you can always use a partner to help get you there.

A managed solutions provider has two basic approaches to printer security:

#1: They help identify problems.

#2: They recommend targeted solutions.

Although these approaches may seem simplistic, the truth is that you probably couldn't pull it off alone--simply because you're so used to your print environment that you can start to overlook weaknesses and potential threats. That's why we become your print partners, helping you manage every step of printer security without taking away your control.

Printer Security Solutions

Wondering how next gen managed solutions get the job done? Here are a few examples of printer security solutions at work:

Automated updates

Updates are no good if you don't actually do them. Next gen managed solutions help you automate updates during low-traffic hours, so your printer software is always as safe as possible--all without interrupting your workflow.

Network monitoring

To protect network printers, you could simply not connect them to your network--but then they would lose a good portion of their functionality. Instead, let your next gen managed solutions provider monitor your network 24/7, catching red flags and suspicious activity that could target your printers.

Physical and digital defenses

Printers may operate in the digital realm, but they have a pretty significant physical element, too. Next gen managed solutions help you improve print security in both ways--for example, limiting who can remotely access the printer as well as who can walk up and use the machine.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our next gen managed solutions provide printer security you probably couldn't manage on your own, and it's all because of an invaluable outside perspective. With solutions like automated updates and network monitoring, your printers have never been safer.

Ready to learn more about next gen managed solutions? Worried about printer security? Contact us today for all the help you need!