What is Document Process Automation?

gears reading process automation

Although automation once sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie, these days it's part of everyday life--and with the right solutions, it can be part of your business workflows, too. Let's find out why process automation is one of the best document solutions on the market!

Office Equipment: What Do You Need to Succeed?

a modern office with various office equipment

There are all kinds of office equipment out there, from large-scale production printers to cute little desktop models--not to mention scanners, shredders, routers, phone systems, and even smartphones. If there are visions of office equipment dancing around your head, you've come to the right place: Today, we're here to cut through the noise and tell you what you actually need to succeed.

3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Paper

Hands shuffling through a stack of papers bound by clips

Paper's a loyal, hardworking part of any business. It's been with us through all kinds of things--but nothing lasts forever, right? Today we're exploring three document solutions that will help you put paper to rest once and for all.

The Importance of a Defined Document Workflow

a workflow diagram

Wherever there are documents, there are document workflows. However, if those workflows aren't well defined, organized, or managed, you could see all kinds of frustrations--and even some security issues. Let's find out why a defined document workflow is so important!

The Power of a Document Workflow

To understand why a defined document workflow is such a big deal, let's take a look at two hypothetical examples:

The Best Ways to Improve Network Printer Security

man using a network printer in his office

Are you looking for network printer security best practices? You've come to the right place! Please sit back and relax as we show you the simplest and most powerful ways to protect your printers.

Is a Network Printer Always Vulnerable?

When it comes to office equipment, network printers are, perhaps, some of the most hardworking machines in your entire fleet, however, despite their usefulness, they also have one weakness that isn't even their fault--and that's hackers.

Office Equipment Service Options: Do They Matter?

Office equipment maintenance

You've chosen the perfect office equipment, placed it just right, and even spent time reading the owner's manual so you could choose all the best settings. Your work here is done--isn't it?

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Your office equipment will eventually need some TLC, and without a service and maintenance agreement, you'll be on the hook for every little thing that goes wrong. Here's what you need to know about service options and why they matter.

A Closer Look at Print Optimization

man using printer

Print optimization has plenty of benefits for your small business, but what does it look like in action? Today we'll lift a magnifying glass to get an up-close and personal view of print optimization in the real world!

Does Your Manufacturing Operation Need a Wide Format Printer?

Wide format printer in use

Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from having a wide format printer close at hand--but perhaps no one can benefit more than a manufacturing operation. Read on to find out why these machines might just be your new best friend!

Next Gen Managed Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare worker talking to a patient at the receptionist desk

Healthcare organizations are, in many ways, leaders. You have your finger on the pulse of the world--often literally--and you can access some of the latest and greatest in medical tech, research, and advancement. However, even if you're cutting edge in every other way, your organization's printers probably feel more like something out of the stone age.

Next Gen Managed Solutions is here to change that.

Office Equipment for Nonprofits: Buy or Lease?

Office furniture inside a nonprofit

Your nonprofit probably has an important mission to focus on. The last thing you want to do is take time and energy away from that mission to worry about something like office equipment--so today, we're here to help answer some of your biggest questions and help you put your focus back where it belongs.