Next Gen Managed Solutions: Print Assessment & Optimization


What are print assessment and optimization, and what do they have to do with next gen managed solutions? Here's everything you need to know!

Next Gen Managed Solutions

Next gen managed solutions are your way of taking print problems off your shoulders. They allow you to outsource all the responsibilities you don't love--like automating printer updates or monitoring for security threats 24/7--and put them in the hands of a print partner.

What Are Next Gen Managed Solutions?

Man printing a document.

Printer security, fleet management, user access and authentication--these are all things you need to be aware of almost constantly. Everyday print solutions can offer a little help, but they may fall short in one way or another. That's why next gen managed solutions are here to change the way you print--and the way you do just about everything else, too!

Specialized Equipment: What to Know About Dot & Line Matrix Printers


What are dot and line matrix printers, how do they work, and what can they do for your organization? Today we'll answer all these questions and more by taking a closer look at two pieces of specialized equipment that might just change the way you look at printers forever.

Print Assessment and Optimization For Your Small Business

 Girl with computer laptop for photo editing. Close-up of printer printing picture on photographic paper, small business office equipment or printer

What is "print assessment and optimization," what does it look like, and is it the right fit for your small business? Today we'll answer all these questions and more--so sit back, relax, and get ready to brush up on print solutions custom-made for you!

HP Print Solutions For Your Small Business

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Tired of finding cookie-cutter print solutions that don't quite fit your small business? Worry no more: today, we're here with the solution to your biggest printer pains. Meet the HP printer line--the perfect match for your small business.

Small businesses have unique needs that many print solutions tend to overlook. Those needs come in all shapes and sizes, but they often fall into one of these categories:

Document Storage & Retrieval for Healthcare Facilities

Doctor holding Medical Files, document storage and retrieval for Healthcare Facilities or Medical industry

Healthcare facilities do some of the most in-depth document work of any industry on the planet. Not only are there all kinds of patient privacy rules in place--there are also complicated details to communicate, multiple people to inform, and, of course, actual lives on the line. That's why many healthcare facilities turn to document storage and document retrieval: two sides of a coin that can be invaluable in the medical world. Are these solutions right for your facility? Let's find out!

Labels & Specialty Media: Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

Doctor working on computer with a phone, papers, and a printer on the desk at hospital

When you think about things necessary for healthcare, your mind probably jumps to images of syringes, stethoscopes, or tongue depressors--but one thing you probably don't consider is a printed label. Although labels and other specialty media are not really "on the front lines," they are the unsung heroes of healthcare--and here's why.

Understanding Managed Print Services for Education

Classroom full of empty desks

Schools print, scan, copy, and fax with the best of them--but despite this, schools often feel like managed print services are for traditional business settings rather than educational institutions. The truth is that, while managed print may look a little different in the classroom than in the office, it's just as comfortable--so here's a look at managed print services for education!

What's the Best Office Equipment for Education?

Two teachers are talking while standing at a printer in the school hall.

With another school year right around the corner, it's time to gear up for new learning opportunities. Students will be grabbing backpacks and sharpening new pencils--but what can schools do to prepare? The answer is simple: learn about all the best office equipment for education!

The What and Why of Office Equipment

When considering office equipment for education, you've probably got two big questions: what you need, and why you need it. Let's take a look!

Law Firms: See The Difference Xerox Smart Printers & MFPs Can Make

Consultation between a businessman and male lawyer at desk with legal papers. Law and Legal services concept.

Your law firm probably relies a lot on the office printer. However, that means you may also fall victim to classic printer pains, like inefficiency, frustrating settings, lack of connectivity, or even low-quality prints. If you're tired of being sabotaged by your own fleet, maybe it's time to upgrade to Xerox Smart Printers or Multifunction Printers and see the difference.