Law Firms: See The Difference Xerox Smart Printers & MFPs Can Make

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Your law firm probably relies a lot on the office printer. However, that means you may also fall victim to classic printer pains, like inefficiency, frustrating settings, lack of connectivity, or even low-quality prints. If you're tired of being sabotaged by your own fleet, maybe it's time to upgrade to Xerox Smart Printers or Multifunction Printers and see the difference.

Law Firms Need Document Capture, and Here's Why

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Since the legal industry is constantly juggling changes, challenges, and remarkably high stakes, it's bold to say that any one thing is absolutely necessary for your success. However, the truth is that law firms like yours definitely need one thing: document capture. Sound too simple to be true? Read on to find out why law firms and document capture are a perfect match!

How Non-Profits Can Create Labels & Specialty Media

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To spread a message, reach a particular audience, or do powerful work in your community, all while working with a tight budget, your non-profit organization needs to get creative--and sometimes, that means having the right tool for the job. Here's everything you need to know about the printers that can help you create labels and other specialty media without breaking the bank.



Mailing Solutions for Faith-Based Organizations

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Sending out communications from your organization is common for ministries, and it's a great way to reach a broad audience. However, you want your mailings to look professional and organized, to truly convey the respectable faith-based organization that you are. It's not enough to send out mailings; there are simple, cost-effective document solutions, including finishing and mailing solutions, to ensure that your communications get opened and read.


Document Storage for Faith-Based Organizations

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Ministries and faith-based organizations have very similar challenges when looking at the operational side of things as other corporate businesses. The main issue that is very similar is records retention and digital storage. How long should you keep documents? How and where do you store them? How much should you responsibly pay to store files versus convert them to digital? We can help you sort out these issues.


4 Tips for Automating Workflows in the Manufacturing Industry

Manager analyzing workflow on computer screen to implement robotic automation

As your manufacturing business gets up and running again - at least back to 'normal,' if not even beyond normal due to global demand for products - you have an excellent opportunity to address cost issues by implementing automation and workflow solutions to support increased productivity. Give your business an edge over the competition by using this re-start to really re-vamp your manufacturing company for the better. Wondering what that might look like? We've got some ideas for office automation that will save tons of time and money for your whole business.

Thermal Barcode Printers in the Manufacturing Industry

Group of composite cardboard boxes against boxes on pallet by rack, thermal printed bar codes on boxes in manufacturing warehouse

When your manufacturing company needs to complete critical labeling applications, you need a reliable machine that will create bar codes that are durable. The machine you have matters - you need thermal printing for speed, life span, and operability. This matters to your business because your bar code can be everything, and you need a cost-effective method for printing that you know will last.

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