Advanced Printing Technology from Xerox, HP & Other Leading Companies

Thanks to our diverse technology partnerships, RCM Technology Group can provide you with some of the finest in printers, multifunction devices (MFPs) and other hardware on the market. You can use our equipment to:

  • Enhance print speed, quality and versatility
  • Get documents ready for distribution faster
  • Keep low supplies and challenging conditions for hindering your productivity

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Office Equipment

RCM Technology Group offers cutting-edge print-related technology from Xerox, HP and other manufacturers. Our stock of office equipment allows you to keep productivity consistently high everyday. After all, office equipment has come a long way since the early days of printing. Take one of our tech partners, Xerox, for example.

Xerox machines are much more than just copy printers. We provide all-in-one multifunction printers (MFPs) to help meet the needs of the ever-evolving workplace. Gone are the days of relying on bulky, stand-alone machines for copying, faxing, and printing. Allow us to help you save time, space, effort, and money by incorporating a Xerox MFP in your office. 

Streamline operations by turning your Xerox machine into a digital workplace assistant. MFPs are wifi connectable, cloud ready, and fully customizable with mobile apps. Integrating managed print services is also a breeze.

A Xerox MFP also facilitates the creation of automated digital workflows, easily integrating interdepartmental systems and making repetitive processes a thing of the past. 

As far as security is concerned, Xerox has set the standard in terms of copier data security. Printing from or to cloud-based storage is just one example of the benefits of Xerox data security. Not to mention, transforming reams of paper into digital documents makes storage much more effective for routing, sharing, and organizing at a few clicks of a button. 

While most offices cannot claim to be fully paperless - yet - digitizing as many workflows as possible is something you can do now to help streamline your entire organization. We also have you covered when it comes to the convenient supply of ink, toner, folders, booklet makers, mailing supplies, and so much more.

Specialized Print Equipment

RCM Technology Group also has specialized equipment for clients who need to produce barcodes, event tickets, ID cards and other items. Our devices combine superior quality with minimal TCO.

If you’re in the business of printing any specialty items, getting the job done right is paramount. Our tech partners help us ensure that specialty media prints reliably, affordably, and with the right capabilities for you. Our next generation MFPs and specialty printers offer amazing color and consistency, on par with heading into a trusted print shop - and at a much more cost effective rate. 

Enjoy a high yield of pages per minute with toner cartridges, drums, maintenance kits, and parts that are built to last - all this while hitting high sustainability marks. Xerox, for example, has earned Energy Star Certification for over a decade on all of their specialty printers and MFPs. 

Equipment Service & Support

Need help with your equipment? Go to this section to place a service call and learn about our service options.

We are here to support you for the long haul. That means multi-vendor device and hardware coverage, installation, maintenance, office supplies, and emergency services. Upgrading your office equipment with us also means that you can enjoy the major cost saving benefits of on site service contracts, managed print services, and more. 

As the workplace continues to change, particularly with more hybrid and remote work than ever, printing needs will continue to evolve. With that will come more digital capabilities - and more decisions for you to make for your company. We can help you assess which print solutions will match your needs. 

RCM’s Document Solutions

In addition to our hardware and supplies, RCM Technology Group offers Document Solutions that enable you to protect your critical information and optimize your processes. See these sections of our site for more information:

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