Forms & Label Automation

Why Choose Forms & Label Automation?

RCM Technology Group’s Forms and Label Automation solutions from developers like BarTender have benefited clients in a variety of industries. They include:

Organizations have used form and label automation solutions to...

Get Goods Through the Supply Chain Faster

You can integrate our solutions with Oracle and other ERP systems. This will make it easier to ensure labeling accuracy, meet compliance, automate and optimize processes all along your supply chain.

Help Patients Easily

Healthcare clients have deployed RCM Technology Group’s Forms and Label Automation solutions with excellent results. They allow you to automatically create labels, RFID codes and more for:

  • Pharmacy Dispensing
  • Drug Repacking
  • ID and Record-Keeping for Patients
  • Tracking of Different Specimens

The Value of Forms & Label Automation

Forms & label automation puts you firmly in charge of your data and the ways it is communicated throughout your workplace--all without you having to lift a finger.

Automation eliminates some common communication issues, including:

Human error

Human error can cause a lot of issues when it comes to forms and labels. Even the slightest error in data entry or template usage could create a communication breakdown. Forms and label automation eliminates the risk of human error by ensuring that the process is consistent and precise every time.


Failure to label something with all the necessary information and in all the right ways can quickly lead to non-compliance fines. To avoid this, forms & label automation provides the framework necessary for meeting all the regulations across your industry, changing templates or data entry areas to meet each need.

Inefficient data access

In many workplaces, data is distributed across multiple locations and exists in many different formats. When you access or gather this data inefficiently, you slow the form or label creation process and, thus, your entire workflow.

Forms and label automation, on the other hand, gives you the tools necessary to access and automatically transfer data from across your organization. It works hand-in-hand with content management solutions that work toward the same goal. That way, a label can be created on one side of your company using data that is actively being updated on the other side.

Automating form and label creation is among the easiest ways to protect your company--not only from costly fines but also from inefficient practices and simple human error. With forms and label automation, the system does all the work--but your company gets all the credit. But how does it work? Let’s explore.

How Forms & Label Automation Works

Our Forms and Label Automation solutions come with such sophisticated features as:

Professional Label Design Templates 

You can choose from a variety of professionally designed templates. You can pick, color and modify dozens of different shapes. You’ll also have the option of importing your own images and designing labels on your own (the solutions’ design wizards can help you with this).

Dynamic Script Editor

Our solutions make it easy to:

  • Script data from different sources
  • Navigate between scripts within a particular document
  • Access snippets of code when you need to write your own

Data Entry Prompts & Data Pulling 

Our solutions’ data entry forms come with prompts for:

  • Data Entry
  • Queries
  • Record Selectors

Our solutions can save you even more time by pulling data from various files and databases automatically.

RFID Encoding

With our Forms and Label Automation solutions, creating RFID objects becomes almost effortless. With the help of on-screen displays, you can make designs that prevent damage to RFID chips.

More On Content Management & Forms Automation

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