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Achieve Optimal Productivity with RCM Technology Group’s Managed Solutions

We want you to get the most from your office’s printers and workflows. That’s why our Next Gen Managed Solutions help ensure that your devices and processes function as a smooth, cohesive whole.

We offer Office Equipment and Specialized Equipment that enhance how you print, scan, and distribute documents. From Xerox smart printers to efficient mailing solutions, we make sure your business gets world-class technology to improve productivity.

We also tailor our services to several industries across the board, such as legal institutions, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and more. From this diverse portfolio over the last 40 years, we’ve learned to service the unique needs of several clients.

We want you to achieve optimal productivity with RCM Technology Group’s Managed Solutions.

However, we know that you need more than first-rate hardware to optimize your productivity. Check out a breakdown of our workflow solutions below.

Print Assessment & Optimization

Your office print environment, left unmanaged, is likely costing your business more time and money than it should be. RCM Technology Group’s Print Assessment and Optimization solution gives you the knowledge and power to fine-tune your office’s printing practices.

You’ll receive invaluable information on device activity and issues. From there, we can work with you to increase productivity while minimizing expenses and downtime.

How it Works

Our Print Assessment consists of a detailed walkthrough of your print environment as well as an installation of monitoring software that provides insights into the usage of your equipment.

In the assessment, we look for how many devices are currently in use, what kind they are, and where you have them located in the office. Our assessor then determines if these locations are the proper spaces for employees to conduct their daily tasks.

The monitoring software examines the supplies you use to account for spending and efficiency, such as which supplies perform the best and which ones are used more than others. For example, perhaps you are ordering too many boxes of toner or print cartridges, and they end up taking up more office space than you desire.

After the walkthrough and installation, we perform a Print Optimization. For this, we gather and analyze the data regarding your print volume, printer usage, and the costs for each device in comparison to others.

Perhaps your employees are under-using a printer or overusing color printers when it’s not necessary. Our user reports would show these trends so you can re-evaluate the usage and gain control of the office resources accordingly.

To get the results you need, you must first look at the factors and systems that will bring in those results. For more information, check out our Print Assessment & Optimization page.

Managing Security & Integration

As your office environment offers increasingly convenient mobile access to your devices, printer security is becoming an increasingly critical concern for modern businesses.

RCM Technology Group offers advanced solutions that let you manage the security and integration of your devices. You’ll be able to give your printers and network a uniformly high level of protection against increasing cyber attacks, online threats, and hacking incidents.

  • We manage your security with one policy to cover your entire printing fleet.
  • We can integrate all your devices into the network while keeping all unauthorized users out. We can also prevent them from having access to the hard drives on your printers.
  • We can get regular assessments of your equipment so we can spot non-compliant features and make the necessary corrections.
  • We also have the option to integrate ID and CA certificates automatically. Not only is this better than manual certification but it also prevents errors from happening and reduces risk.

For more information, check out our Managing Security & Integration page.

Automating & Simplifying Workflows

RCM Technology can also provide you with solutions that can simplify and automate your organization’s workflows. We can help you route documents to the right locations faster, keep coworkers informed, and much more.

Here are some of the ways we automate and simplify your workflows:

  • After you scan a document, for example, we automatically send it where it needs to go, whether that is to document storage, a coworker’s email, or other staff for approval.
  • We can set up email notifications for your team, so your collaborators can know exactly when a document was sent and what tasks need to be completed.
  • We can create and manage schedules for document retention and disposal.
  • If you need to escalate a document review to a manager, we have workflow solutions that are efficient and reliable for your team.

For more information, check out our Automating & Simplifying Workflows page.

Content Management & Forms Automation

In addition to our Next Gen Managed Solutions, RCM Technology Group offers a suite of Content Management & Forms Automation solutions. They make it easier to capture, route, access, and produce important information. See these pages for details:

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