Next Gen Managed Solutions

Achieve Optimal Productivity with RCM Technology Group’s Managed Solutions

RCM Technology Group’s Next Gen Managed Solutions help you get the most from your office’s printers and workflows.

We offer Office Equipment and Specialized Equipment that enhance how you print, scan and distribute documents. However, we know that you need more than first-rate hardware to optimize your productivity.

That’s where our Next Gen Managed Solutions come in: They help ensure that your devices and processes function as a smooth, cohesive whole. Check out the pages listed below for more information:


RCM Technology Group’s Print Assessment and Optimization solution gives you the knowledge and power to fine-tune your office’s printing practices. You’ll receive invaluable information on device activity and issues. From there, we can work with you to increase productivity while minimizing expenses and downtime.


As your office environment offers increasingly convenient mobile access to your devices, printer security is becoming an increasingly critical concern for modern businesses. RCM Technology Group offers advanced solutions that let you manage the security and integration of your devices. You’ll be able to give your printers and network a uniformly high level of protection against online and mobile threats.


RCM Technology can also provide you with solutions that can simplify and automate your organization’s workflows. We can help you route documents to the right locations faster, keep coworkers informed and much more.

Content Management & Forms Automation

In addition to our Next Gen Managed Solutions, RCM Technology Group offers a suite of Content Management & Forms Automation solutions. They make it easier to capture, route, access and produce important information. See these pages for details:

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