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The team at RCM Technology Group understands that uninterrupted service is at the heart of what you do as a business. You need reliable, highly functional office equipment to get the job done. That’s why we make it our business to provide you the highest level of service with prompt, dependable, and versatile solutions to your unique business needs.

Having trouble with your equipment? RCM Technology Group is here to help. Click the pages below to access our service and support resources.


Submit a service request for your printers and other hardware. One of our expert technicians will respond as quickly as possible. Whether it’s just one uncooperative printer getting you down, or an entire fleet of office equipment suddenly on the fritz, we are ready to act. Our dedicated service technicians will visit you on site as soon as we can. Our goal is to optimize your equipment’s uptime and keep your operations running smoothly—while doing so at a cost-effective, upfront price.


Our technicians aim to service your office equipment needs in the way that makes the most sense for you. That means you have options.

Need an ad hoc, onsite repair visit? We’ve got you covered. We only charge for the time and materials used to get the job done—nothing more. We take your time seriously. No more waiting for a single part or piece of equipment to find its way to your office. We’ll communicate all your available options and the most realistic timeframes and prices on offer, up front.

Prefer to drop off your equipment? We’ve got you there, too, with our depot repair service option. The same speediness applies - you just get to maximize the savings if you prefer to haul that equipment in yourself.

We also offer affordable, onsite service contracts to help minimize the guesswork and downtime involved in addressing your regular office equipment maintenance needs. This option can make the most sense for you if you have a particularly large fleet or if you would rather trust the experts to anticipate the upcoming service needs of your printers and hardware. If you’re ready to take your printing equipment’s capabilities to the next level, consider our managed print services for the full package.

Why Choose Us?

RCM Technology Group has a reputation for honesty, timeliness, and cost effectiveness. We keep a variety of parts in stock to ensure that your office equipment is repaired as soon as possible. We are highly experienced with a wide range of vendors and employ manufacturer certified technicians to ensure that we have the expertise to service a wide variety of devices.

While we provide comprehensive coverage for both brand new and legacy hardware and equipment, we also pride ourselves on being your trusted confidants. In the office equipment environment, that means we’re always on the lookout for creative solutions to help you finetune your printing operations. Whether it's cost effectiveness, greater capacity, energy savings, environmental friendliness, user experience, or all of the above that you seek to improve—we can advise on the latest options available to you. This is why our customers trust us and come back to us time and again. We know you’re in it for the long haul—and we are too.

Let us show you why we’ve become strategic business partners for our clients. Whether its emergency repairs or routine maintenance needs, RCM Technology Group offers the most comprehensive support for your office equipment. Learn about our service options here.

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