Managing Security & Integration

Protect Your Printers, Network & Data

In this age of constantly evolving mobile access and online threats, protecting your company’s sensitive data has become more challenging than ever. That’s why RCM Technology Group has invested resources and partnered with leading developers to help you manage the security and integration of your printers. We can automate tedious tasks and prevent unwanted users from accessing your devices and documents, while still preserving the flexibility and convenience of mobile access for people within your organization. 

How Does RCM Technology Group Manage Security & Integration?

RCM Technology Group partners with technology leaders like HP to give you powerful, reliable security and integration for your printer fleet. We can provide you with:


We can help you establish a single policy for all your devices, which goes a long way towards eliminating security vulnerabilities. We base policies according to the most comprehensive standards and can design them to meet your specific demands.

With a uniform policy for your fleet, you can:

  • Discover new devices and integrate them into your network effortlessly
  • Configure new printers to meet your security policy automatically
  • Allow mobile access for authorized users while keeping unauthorized users out


You can get regular assessments of your equipment to ensure compliance with your security policy. When our solution spots noncompliant features, it can make corrections automatically. After that, it will run another assessment to double-check that the policy is in place.


RCM Technology Group can also give you the ability to install and integrate ID and CA certificates automatically. This will save you the time and trouble that go into manual certificate installation. It also prevents any errors from occurring, which could cause you serious trouble down the road.

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