Document Storage & Retrieval

Document Storage & Retrieval

Store & Locate Documents Easier than Ever Before

RCM Technology Group’s Document Storage and Retrieval solutions can deliver enormous benefits for your business. They give you:

Smooth, Easy Integration

We offer solutions that are designed to work perfectly with Microsoft Office. You can manage different versions of documents and upload files from Word, Excel and other apps effortlessly.

Indeed, our Document Storage and Retrieval solutions work well with almost any application. API capabilities and point-and-click modules help ensure quick, convenient integration.

Find and Share Info in Seconds

With our solutions, you’ll gain the ability to search for some critical piece of information, find it and send it off within seconds. You can:

  • Do a full-text search
  • Locate documents within specific date and value ranges
  • Search numerous projects or index fields
  • Print, email or export files quickly

Fantastic Scalability

Our Document Storage and Retrieval solutions work equally well for SMBs or multi-office corporations. You can scale them across:

  • Database Servers
  • Application Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Email Servers

Backup for Critical Documents

RCM Technology Group’s solutions also make it easy to save duplicates of your data offsite. If a disaster occurs, you can trust that you’ll have the info you need to recover.

Powerful Document Security

RCM Technology Group’s solutions keep your information from falling into the wrong hands. You can set up:

  • Security levels that place restrictions on what different users can access or do with your documents
  • Auditing to detect unusual interaction with your documents to help catch threats early
  • Electronic signatures for documents going through review or approval
  • Data encryption during storage and transmission
  • Record retention and destruction policies to ensure proper handling of files

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RCM Technology Group has other solutions to improve your document processes:

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