Thermal Barcode

Get Clean, Sharp Barcodes Quickly & Consistently

RCM Technology Group’s thermal barcode printers have won acclaim for their reliability and print quality. Clients in a wide variety of industries have used them successfully, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Transportation

The benefits of using them include:

Fast, Simple Set-Up & Operation

Our printers have easily understandable icons, full-color displays and support for multiple languages, making them easy to set up.

Easy Printer Maintenance

We stock thermal printers built to hold up in the most severe industrial environments. They can support ribbons that are hundreds of meters long, which helps ensure error-free printing.

When you need to replace rollers and print heads, you can do so without tools. Last but not least, our devices are significantly smaller than comparable models. This lets you place them wherever they can be most useful.

Excellent Print Quality & Accuracy

Our thermal printers give you reliably sharp, precise imaging. They deliver excellent print quality on a diverse range of surfaces. Special dampener systems ensure that your barcodes get applied to labels consistently.

Fantastic Efficiency

Available models have dual CPUs, which gives them outstanding printing speed. They also have plenty of memory, allowing for fast retrieval of graphics, fonts and formats.

More Specialized Equipment

RCM Technology Group has several other types of equipment for clients with specialized printing demands:

To discuss how our thermal barcode printers and other devices can meet your business needs,