Innovative Document Capture

Innovative Document Capture

Scan Documents Faster & More Securely

For clients across all industries, handling information efficiently and properly is absolutely essential. RCM Technology Group partners with developers like Nuance to deliver Innovative Document Capture solutions, which let you:

  • Protect your HR records and other critical documents
  • Locate important files quickly and painlessly
  • Improve AP, AR and other processes
  • Access case files from anywhere without compromising their security

What Does “Innovative Document Capture” Mean?

Innovative Document Capture means:

Safe, Efficient Document Processing & Storage

Once you’ve scanned a document on your MFP, you can have them enter workflows for processing and storage automatically. You’ll be able to edit your digital files and locate them via a simple search later on.

Distributing Documents Securely

You’ll also have the ability to send documents out via email or fax. Secure audit trails let you keep track of what happens to your files.

Minimizing Processing Time & Room for Errors

Our Innovative Document Capture solutions allow you to minimize—or even eliminate—the time it takes to enter data and file documents manually. You can store captured documents in almost no time and move on to other important tasks.

At the same time, they help prevent potential mistakes associated with archiving physical documents. You’ll avoid dire situations where you need some vital piece of info but can’t find it due to a misfiling.

Meeting Compliance Easier

Innovative Document Capture makes it easier to meet compliance for industry regulations regarding information retention and privacy. You’ll prevent potential legal penalties and damages to your reputation.

Making Your Office “Greener”

Our document capture solutions can impact much more than your office. By enhancing your ability to share and store files electronically, they reduce the energy and supplies that you use on printing. You can minimize waste in your office and improve its carbon footprint.

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