High Speed Continuous Form: Maximize Printing Versatility

RCM Technology Group’s high-speed continuous-form printers are ideal if you need large print volumes and deal with specialized media on a regular basis. Each business day, week, and month, our continuous form printers give you:


Available models have adjustable dpi resolutions, allowing you to give different prints the sharpness and details that they need. And regardless of which resolution you use, you’ll be able to print dozens or hundreds of pages within minutes.


Consider taking your special projects in-house to save costs and increase productivity. These devices give you the power to produce such documents and items as:

Our continuous-form printers can support both fan-folded and roll-to-roll media. Their sturdy designs allow them to handle media of various lengths, widths and thicknesses and can support media within the following ranges:

  • 6”-18” Wide
  • 5”-24” Long
  • 6.5-20 mm Thickness

Finally, for continuous label printing, RCM offers the ColorMax label printer from Formax which can print full-color labels at up to 60 feet per minute!


Our devices come with features that allow remote management. You’ll have the ability to:

  • Spot and understand issues as soon as they arise
  • Check your consumable levels
  • Keep track of maintenance schedules
  • Configure your printers and change network settings

More Specialized Equipment

RCM Technology Group offers other specialized equipment for clients with a variety of printing demands:

To discuss which of our devices can best meet your business needs,

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