Dot & Line Matrix

Dot & Line Matrix

Get High-Quality, Low-Cost Printing

No, dot and line matrix printers are not a relic of the past. With their durable designs and first-rate efficiency, this tried and true piece of equipment is still an important tool for many business applications:

  • Multi-part forms
  • Carbon copy documents
  • Invoices
  • Spreadsheets
  • And much more 

RCM Technology Group’s dot and line matrix printers give you considerable return on investment.

Features of RCM Technology Group’s Dot Matrix Printers

When you purchase one of RCM Technology Group’s available dot matrix printers, you get:

Strong Performance & Dependability

Our devices deliver exceptionally high print speed performance. Their superior reliability and workload capacities ensure that they’ll meet the highest printing demands.

Our dot matrix printers also have such useful features as:

  • Ability to handle multi-part, carbon copy, and other thick media
  • Automated form handling
  • Lowest cost-per-print
  • Extremely quiet printing acoustics
  • Remote printer configuration and management

Outstanding Operating Costs

With the lowest cost per page, dot matrix printers long-lasting printheads and ribbons let you print for more extended periods before they need replacing. You’ll be able to save expenses on supplies with no compromise on print quality or quantity.

Features of RCM Technology Group’s Line Matrix Printers

Our line matrix printers give you such features as:

Durable, Reliable Designs

Their 24/7 heavy-duty cycles guarantee exceptional uptime. They’re designed to continue functioning regardless of:

  • Humidity
  • High or Low Temperatures
  • Dust, Dirt & Other Debris

Great Printing Flexibility

RCM Technology Group’s line matrix devices can print on continuous form, wide format and other media. They can support:

  • Serial & USB Connectivity
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Parallel Connectivity

Low Energy Usage & TCO

Our available models use cost-effective, high-yield supplies. On top of that, they operate on less power and give you an extremely low cost per page.

More Specialized Equipment

Clients with specialized printing needs can benefit from these devices:

To discuss which of our devices can meet your needs best,