Finishing & Mailing Solutions

Prepare & Process Your Documents Faster

Not only can RCM Technology Group improve the way you print, we can enhance the way you process and finish your documents too.

Available Finishing Solutions

RCM Technology Group’s finishing solutions include:


Our durable, user-friendly guillotine cutters can cut through large stacks of paper with no difficulty at all. Various models have such helpful features as:

  • Hardened Steel Blades
  • LED Lines for Cutting Accuracy
  • Safety Locks (include keys)
  • Easy Blade Changing
  • Anti-Friction Surfaces
  • Touchscreen Control Panels


We have document folders that can process thousands—or, in some cases, tens of thousands—of sheets per hour. Some models have features like air suction feed tables, which make it easier to process different stocks. They can also sense folding errors and stop automatically to protect your documents.


Our perforators and creasers let you make postcards, tickets, brochures and other items quickly. They can handle different weights easily and process thousands of sheets per hour.


Our compact booklet makers give you professional-looking booklets with impressive efficiency. They’re ideal for print shops, offices and any other organization that needs to distribute documents on a regular basis.

Available Mailing Solutions

RCM Technology Group can also provide you with first-rate mailing solutions like:


Our available inserters can measure paper and fold lengths and envelope sizes automatically. You can store multiple jobs at a time and access them with just a push of a button.


We can provide you with envelope openers that can process hundreds of pieces per minute. Their sophisticated designs keep envelope contents safe and leave minimal scraps.

RCM Technology Group also has envelope sealers to help you send your mail out the door faster. They can handle envelopes in a broad range of widths and thickness with outstanding speed.

More Office Equipment

RCM Technology Group has several types of office equipment to help you reach new levels of productivity:

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