Why Schools Need Multifunction Printers

Submitted by Melissa Michels on Tue, 08/10/2021 - 09:48
Two teachers are talking while standing at a printer in the school hall.

With another school year right around the corner, it's time to gear up for new learning opportunities. Students will be grabbing backpacks and sharpening new pencils--but what can schools do to prepare? The answer is simple: learn about all the best office equipment for education!

Office Equipment for Schools 

When considering office equipment for education, you've probably got two big questions: what you need and why you need it. Let's take a look!

You Need a Multifunction Device

The most important piece of office equipment for any educational institution is a multifunction printer. These fast, powerful, user-friendly machines can copy, print, fax, and scan. They can also connect to your network to distribute documents quickly and efficiently to teachers, students, and staff.

Schools still have to print documents frequently, and even moving to paperless practices requires a device that can scan files for digital storage. Multifunction printers cover all the bases.  

To choose a multifunction printer that's right for your school, consider:

  • efficiency
  • reliability
  • security
  • number of users
  • print speed and volume needs
  • available functions and features

Why You Need One for Education

Multifunction printers can be the heart of your school's workflow--but why? Let's find out:

They're user-friendly.

A multifunction printer is designed to make life easier for teachers and students. With touchscreens, apps, network connectivity, and a whole lot more, these printers will feel familiar and maybe even fun to use for everyone in your school.

There are options for every office depending on how you want to handle access and usage, too. Keycards, codes, user IDs--these are just a few of the options for releasing print jobs or scanning to the cloud or to email. Once you have teachers and administrators trained on the device, they'll be able to use it whenever they need--which also cuts down on the time administrators previously spent handling printing for everyone else. 

They're efficient.

Every minute is precious in education, so you don't want to waste time standing at the printer. Multifunction printers allow print jobs to be done from beginning to end--including finishing options--without leaving the machine, saving time and helping keep workflows organized.

They can also release print jobs on command, so the tray isn't overflowing with prints that haven't been picked up. For teachers and staff who know the annoying task that is shuffling through a pile of printed materials to find what they're looking for, this is a huge plus. 

They're cost-effective.

Educational institutions often have tight budgets--so if you're counting every penny, a multifunction printer is about to become your new best friend. These machines efficiently use supplies like ink and paper, meaning you won't have to order as much or as often, and they're affordable to acquire and maintain. Many schools add on a print management service to ensure the devices are optimized, supplies are replenished as needed, and security concerns are addressed as needed. While this is an added expense, it actually adds to multifunction printers' cost effectiveness by cutting down on overuse, supply misuse, and more. 


The best office equipment for education is definitely a multifunction printer--and that's because multifunction printers are fast, efficient, reliable, and bursting with creative features. They're a school's best friend when it comes to budgeting, too--so give these machines a place of honor in your school's workflow!

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