Thermal Barcode Printers for Compliance, Tracking, Growth, & More

Submitted by Melissa Michels on Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:53
thermal printed barcodes on boxes in manufacturing warehouse

When your manufacturing company has critical labeling tasks to complete, you need a smart, reliable machine to turn to--something that creates durable bar codes (and a whole lot more). However, any old machine isn't going to cut it: You need thermal barcode printers. Known for speed, life span, and user-friendliness, these machines offer a cost-effective method for creating the bar codes that can be so crucial in manufacturing.

Here's what you need to know.

Essential Manufacturing Support

Industrial barcode printers aren't like their office cousins. Sure, they have many of the same basic elements--but barcode printers are a whole lot smarter.

Take, for example, the thermal printed barcodes that give these machines their name. These barcodes need to be able to withstand high temperatures, liquids, chemicals, and any other hazard your product could come into contact with--and thermal printers deliver. The technology works in one of two ways:

Thermal transfer

In this type of printing, the thermal barcode printer uses a heated ribbon to melt ink onto, say, a piece of paper. The paper absorbs the ink and the transfer is complete--and viola, one barcode, ready to be scanned.

Direct thermal printing

In direct thermal printing, the machine keeps things simple. Instead of using a heated ribbon, these thermal barcode printers have a printhead that blackens certain media types when they pass underneath. This method works in certain scenarios, but because the resulting images are sensitive to heat and light, it's not always the best choice for manufacturing.

Benefits of Barcode Printers For Manufacturing

Accurate, traceable barcodes are critical for your business operations and the quality of your products--which means reliable, powerful thermal barcode printers are a must. Here are a few benefits you can expect:

Accurate tracking

Thermal barcode printers are smart. They can create barcodes packed with every bit of information necessary to your work, including the facility the product came from.

Simplified compliance

There are plenty of regulatory hoops to jump through in manufacturing. A thermal barcode printer helps make these hoops accessible and stress-free, giving you the ability to keep track of products and tasks with one simple scan.

Growth opportunities

Growing your business means keeping your brand intact, your profit margins increasing, and your products high quality. To do that, you need efficiency solutions you can rely on--which is where thermal barcode printers shine. They won't drop the ball right when you need them most, and they certainly won't keep your company from growing by introducing new hurdles and challenges.


The manufacturing industry changes depending on customer preferences, which, of course, can be fickle. That means you need technology capable of rolling with the punches--and thermal barcode printers are built with that kind of flexibility and adaptability in mind. No matter how your needs change, these printers will be able to keep up.

Simple integration

Some business solutions just aren't designed for the high-stakes world of manufacturing. Luckily, thermal barcode printers don't have that problem. They're smart and powerful enough to integrate into your workflows without an excessive learning curve, and they won't require hardware or software overhauls to work with the rest of your tech.

Print Solutions in Manufacturing

Thermal barcode printers can advance your print environment to increase your productivity, putting smart, reliable barcodes right at your fingertips. They also come with a long list of benefits, including flexibility, growth opportunities, and improved accuracy.

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