Document Storage & Retrieval in Healthcare

Submitted by Melissa Michels on Tue, 08/24/2021 - 16:13
Doctor holding Medical Files, document storage and retrieval for Healthcare Facilities or Medical industry

Healthcare facilities do some of the most in-depth document work of any industry on the planet. Not only are there all kinds of patient privacy rules in place--there are also complicated details to communicate, multiple people to inform, and, of course, actual lives on the line. That's why many healthcare facilities turn to document storage and document retrieval: two sides of a coin that can be invaluable in the medical world. Are these solutions right for your facility? Let's find out!

Better Documents, Better Healthcare

Healthcare facilities can use electronic health records (EHRs) to store patient medical records electronically and provide real-time access to patient data. Document management systems (DMS) can be used to store and manage various types of documents, including patient records, insurance claims, and financial documents. Features such as document indexing and search capabilities, make it easier to find and retrieve specific documents when needed.

Document storage and retrieval solutions can provide secure storage options such as encrypted storage, help facilities stay compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, and provide secure sharing options that comply with regulatory requirements. Finally, these solutions can provide automatic backup and disaster recovery options to ensure that critical patient data is always available in the event of a disaster. 

Every step in the document life-cycle, from creation to distribution to archiving, is essential for both patients and healthcare professionals--which is why effective document solutions are an absolute necessity. Document storage and retrieval, two sides of the same coin, can help healthcare professionals stay organized, efficient, and precise.

To find out if these solutions are right for your facility, let's take a closer look at each one!

Document storage

Storing documents sounds simple--but it usually isn't. HIPAA regulations make long-term storage a delicate balancing act, while space limitations and organizational procedures often leave healthcare facilities feeling overwhelmed.

Effective document storage starts with one thing: digitization. Digital documents can be stored quickly and organized by title, keyword, date, patient name, and more--plus, they can be secured easily, whether you access them every day or only once a decade. They also don't take up valuable space in your facility, which means you have more room to dedicate to patients rather than their records.

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Document retrieval

Document storage is just the first step--document retrieval is where the real magic happens. This solution is all about accessing, sharing, distributing, and managing files effectively and securely, allowing your healthcare facility to do what you do best: focus on people.

Retrieval needs to meet certain requirements to be a good fit for your facility:

  • it must be fast, because healthcare doesn't wait
  • it must be efficient, because your staff doesn't have time to waste
  • it must be precise, because retrieving the wrong document isn't just irritating--it can cause serious issues for your patients
  • it must be user-friendly, making your facility run more smoothly rather than adding hoops to jump through


Document storage and document retrieval, two sides of the same important coin, are a fan-favorite in the healthcare industry. These solutions make it easier to organize, communicate, and be efficient in the fast-changing medical world--and they can do the same for your facility.

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