Labels are Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

Submitted by Melissa Michels on Mon, 08/16/2021 - 13:57
Doctor working on computer with a phone, papers, and a printer on the desk at hospital

When you think about things necessary for healthcare, your mind probably jumps to images of syringes, stethoscopes, or tongue depressors--but one thing you probably don't consider is a printed label. Although labels and other specialty media are not really "on the front lines," they are the unsung heroes of healthcare--and here's why.

Why Labels Matter in Healthcare

Although labels and specialty media aren't directly responsible for saving lives, they do have a significant--and important--role to play in the healthcare industry. Here are just a few examples!

Facilitating Clear Communication

The healthcare world moves fast, which means communication always needs to keep up. Printed labels help doctors communicate with patients even when the doctor isn't physically there--like, for example, the label on a prescription bottle. Other specialty media also helps messages move through the healthcare workflow, keep employees informed and organized, and make the workplace safer for staff and patients alike.

Ensuring Precision Where it Counts

Precision is key in healthcare--and, believe it or not, labels and other specialty media can make precision a breeze. Concise, correct information must be listed on certain medicines, storage areas, filing cabinets, medical equipment, and more, meaning that clear and precise labeling can go a long way toward safety and efficiency.

Offering Durability and Reliability

Aside from being a reliable way to share information, labels and specialty media are reliable in another way: durability. To survive the medical industry, this type of printed material must be able to withstand constant, high-intensity cleaning and often harsh environments--and that's something a regular old document just can't do.


Labels and specialty media truly are the unsung heroes of healthcare. By helping healthcare professionals communicate, stay organized, and manage the extremes of their environments, the humble label can help save lives every day.

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